Tourism is important for every country in the world. It is one of the key things to thrive the economy of a country. It creates a lot of employment opportunities especially for countries that are 3rd world and have significant attractions that you don’t see around the world. For example, safari tours. Not only are people coming in from overseas to see natural things that aren’t found anywhere else in the world like lava rocks. They are obviously going to need to buy food and have a place to stay. This will give the businesses to offer other specialties and raise the prices higher than the natives would pay, as this is a big demand for international tourists. Majority of people who go on vacation would feel that they’d spend a bit more money than they usually would as they’ve planned to go on a holiday; which they would rarely do. When international tourists visit a country they all have a purpose to go out and see things some may choose to hire a car and go and drive somewhere, some will use public transport and other sorts of arranged transport. With a high demand of tourists needing to get to places this has had a beneficial effect on the transportation sector of the economy. Not only is it easier for tourists to get around. Natives can get from point A to B potentially at a cheaper less time-consuming way, or a more convenient way.


The Cons of the Tourism Industry


Even though the Tourism Industry benefits the economy in a good way, it can also have a downside effect too. Though many countries in the world rely heavily on tourism as a source for most of their nation’s income and employment. It can be very easy to underestimate the scale of tourism. The statistic of international tourist arrivals, is as high as 30 tourists arriving every second.  In 2017 there was over 76 million international tourists that arrive in the United States. Having this many tourist’s obviously means lots of money for the economy. However, having this many leaves a challenging question to the country in terms of transportation of getting them all from point A to point B, having enough places for all these tourists to stay, entertaining, policing and cleaning up everything after them. There are 3 things which I believe after the biggest negative effect of the Tourism Industry.

·         Environmental

·         Tourism Dependence

·         Imbalanced Funding

Some of the significant environmental damage by tourists can be caused by an increase of traffic on ancient buildings, temples and other buildings that have been around for 100s of years. Even though the tourists will respect the places they visit, the buildings will naturally wear-and-tear as it cannot cope with the significant increase in human traffic.


Some 3rd world countries primarily depend on tourism to feed their economy, with infrastructure, income and jobs. This is fine when they are in their peak season for having many international tourists come in. However, with primarily depending on this, it causes most other forms of income to be neglected. With, this could potentially open the country to economic ruin and natural disasters.


With some countries holding great tourist attractions where they receive thousands to millions of international tourists every year. This can often cause imbalanced funding for the economy. The country will likely be putting more money into those tourist areas, where it could be used much more effectively to other areas of the country. People who are living outside of these tourist destinations in the country could see a rapid decline as most of the money that’s generated in their country is going towards the tourist areas instead of the living life style of residents and citizens of the country.