Have you ever wondered how big the Tourism Industry is? According to the World Travel & Tourism Council that in 2014 the Tourism Industry generated a revenue of over $7.6 trillion. This figure is made up of all the things that are included during a person’s travel, for example: transportation, accommodation and visiting all the significant attractions.


The Number of Tourists Travelling Each Year


In 1950 it was noted that there were 25 million international tourists. Currently in 2019 this number has grown to 1.2 billion international arrivals per year. That is over 4000% increase in the number of tourists and international arrivals between the years of 1950 – 2019 and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger.


Statistics of International Tourist Arrivals Over the Past Decade

Source: Geography All the Way


Another thing to take in about the increase of travellers is; the technology, security and safety around taking commercial flights has increased significantly in a good way which has had an impact on the Tourism Industry. Over the past decades there have been a lot of fatal airline accidents, hijacking incidents, and aviation accidents. From this graph below, you can see that over the past decade the number of fatal airline accidents and hijacking incidents has been on a trending decline. In 1970 the statistic was as high as 6 aviation accidents per 1 million flights, as of 2017 this figure has declined by over 600% down to 0.3 accidents per 1 million flights. This has had a significant impact on the Tourism Industry because travellers will feel safer when it comes to travelling to their designated destination on a commercial airline.

Statistics Over the Past Decade of Commerical Airline Accidents


Is having a career in the Travel and Tourism Industry a good choice? Here at MyPhotoSnap we think so, the Tourism industry is in high demand; and international tourists are increasing by the day. MyPhotoSnap is a website for small to medium sized Tour Operators, in which this addresses three problems they have. They can upload photos and videos for sale.

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Future of Travel and Tourism

As the years go by the Travel and Tourism industry will get bigger obviously. But how will it change? As the world moves more into the digital space, the tourism industry follows. There are two big things we’d like to cover

  • New apps and technology
  • The general economy

People use to have to buy a planned pre-packaged tour around the word with a travel agent. With all this new technology; like mobile apps, people’s travelling has become much simpler and smarter. Tourists can book a hotel room and flight with short notice. In terms of the economy having an impact on the Tourism Industry over the past decade, and expanded like the infrastructure of the country’s economy, getting from point A to point B has never been simpler, tourists can easily cross borders between many countries at an easy affordable rate.


What’s Missing in the Tourism Industry?

A big thing I think the Tourism Industry is missing now, Is that Tour Operators and Tour Guides are getting on-board and using the platform MyPhotoSnap. MyPhotoSnap provides another revenue stream for their business with minimal overhead cost. In addition this allows companies to increase brand awareness and improve SEO. Not only will the Tour Operators be the ones that will be left satisfied, but the travellers will have memories of travelling and visiting destinations that people travel all over the world for. A platform like this will have a significant impact on the Tourism Industry and its future.