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MyPhotoSnap is a platform for tourism operators and freelance photographers to showcase their photos and videos online which their customers can view and purchase.


MyPhotoSnap is for tourism operators that don't have big marketing budgets or the infrastructure to set up their own photographic sales website. MyPhotoSnap gives these companies the opportunity to create a new source of income, by getting commission on the photographs and videos sold. Additionally MyPhotoSnap links to Social Media improving brand awareness and Search Engine optimisation.


Jeff Bilkey - MyPhotoSnap

Jeff Bilkey

Our Story

Jeff, an entrepreneur and software engineer by trade came up with MyPhotoSnap when he went kayaking with his family to celebrate his wife's birthday.


Like many tourism activities, a selfie didn't cut it. It was impossible to get a great photo of the family to capture the scene; with people, the activity and the environment all from a phone and therefore he had no photos on the water to capture those moments.


Rather than been disappointed that he didn't have any photos of that special day, Jeff decided to do something about it. With 20 plus years of experience in sales, launching new products, website design and development, he came up with the idea of MyPhotoSnap.


MyPhotoSnap began in New Zealand with its numerous venture activities such as Horse Riding, Kayaking, Canoeing, Skiing, Hiking, Biking…. but is now available in 250 countries, and commission available in 135 currencies.


Interested in finding out more? contact us or register and see how your business can benefit from MyPhotoSnap.